The Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA) is an initiative of postgraduate students and was established in 2005. The aims of ANSA are to:

  • Share knowledge, experience, and support amongst student and early-career anthropologists
  • Provide a voice for student interests and encourage student participation with the Australian Anthropological Society (AAS), with specific attention paid to the needs of postgraduate students enrolled at Australian Universities
  • Provide resources and information for student and early-career anthropologists

In 2010, ANSA took on a new structure of an Executive and a Committee. The Executive comprises the Chairperson, Secretary, and Web Officer, and is supported by the Committee. The Committee comprises student or early career researcher representatives from Australian universities (primarily postgraduates). The Executive is responsible for overseeing ANSA’s activities and funding, and the Committee members are conduits for information at their respective universities. For more information on the roles of the Executive and Committee members, see our constitution.

ANSA has expanded its range of activities since 2012. The Executive has introduced the ANSA membership database, a profile of the month, monthly members’ emails, AAS/ANSA Photography Competition, Twitter account and hashtag, as well as writing the ANSA constitution.

ANSA has a strong relationship with the AAS, who fund the AAS/ANSA Postgraduate Travel Grants and the Robyn Wood Travel Grant to assist students presenting at the AAS Annual Conference. Since 2013, they have also funded a photography competition. The Chairperson of ANSA is also a member of the AAS Executive and attends their meetings, although the Chairperson does not have voting rights on issues that come before the Executive.


In 2012, ANSA introduced two membership categories: AAS affiliate and non-AAS affiliate.AAS affiliates are paid members of the AAS and may be considered for grants or prizes organised by the AAS and ANSA. Non-AAS affiliates are ANSA members who do not belong to the AAS. While we encourage ANSA members to join the AAS, our media resources are available to both types of members.

You can sign up as an ANSA member by going to this webpage. Please email us to update your membership type or to cancel your membership.

Benefits of ANSA membership include being:

  • Able to nominate for ANSA office bearing positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Web Officer, or ANSA Committee Member
  • Eligible to apply for an AAS/ANSA Postgraduate Travel Grant or the Robyn Wood Travel Grant
  • Eligible to enter the photography competition
  • Eligible to participate in the ANSA Postgraduate Panel held during the AAS Annual Conference

ANSA send a monthly email to members, and runs a Facebook Page. Liking our Facebook Page does not constitute membership of ANSA.

You can follow us on Twitter @ANSA_web. Our official hashtag is #ANSAweb. Use it to organise, navigate, and disseminate information within the ANSA community on Twitter.

ANSA is not incorporated and has no financial dealings.


ANSA works in partnership with the following groups and associations: