Executive and University Representatives

 ANSA Committee 2018

The ANSA Committee below are representatives from various Australian universities who have nominated to be involved in ANSA. The Committee are happy to help you learn more about ANSA or become involved in anthropology at their home university.
Alana Brekelmans – University of Queensland
Emma Quilty – University of Newcastle
Esther Anderson – University of Southern Queensland
Kathleen Openshaw -Western Sydney University
Nicky Kim-Mccormack – Australian National University
Sidrah McCarthy – La Trobe University
Timothy Heffernan – University of New South Wales
Traci Sudana – University of the Sunshine Coast
Aisha Jehangir Mirjami Sultan – University of Adelaide

If your university is not represented, and you would like to nominate as a university representative please use the contact form to get in touch with the ANSA Executive.